COVID-19 Precautions

What we are doing

With the continued use of our popular online appointment system, we will be able to adjust our hours and capacity to keep our the wait in line at the mall minimized.  This makes our recommendation of arriving 15 minutes earlier than your appointment time even more important than in past years.

Our staff and Santa will be following CDC recommendations and continue to monitor changes as we move throughout the year. 

New plexi glass shields will be added to our counter area to be used during checkout.

Other precautions being planned for customers:

  • Touch-less temperature check before entering line
  • Waiting areas will be designated and marked so as to allow for social distancing – please understand these areas will be spread around Court of the South
  • Wearing of Masks is encouraged in line and can be worn during video/photo if you prefer
  • There will be no tables for kids to write lists on this year – We will have a downloadable Santa List for kids to fill out at home and bring with
  • Please arrive 15 minutes in advance of appointment time



What we ask of our Customers

Health Questions/Concerns

These are extraordinary times and we are trying to provide as normal and safe an experience as we can  for both our customers and staff.  We will be adding  procedures that are very similar to what many of you have experienced at Dr. offices and other businesses.  

Due to these concerns we will be blocking off more spots later in the season for appointment deferral / reschedules due to “HEALTH” concerns.  We will be also be asking the following questions at the line check in:

  1. Have you, or any member of your immediate family/party been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 in the past two weeks?
  2. Have you, or any member of your immediate family/party been sick within the past two weeks with fever, cough, shortness of breath or flu-like symptoms?   

If the answer is yes to these questions, please contact us at the Santa Desk via email and we will try and assist you with postponing your appointment to a later date.

“WARNING  Under Georgia law, there is no liability for an injury or death of an individual entering these premises if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of contracting COVID-19.  You are assuming this risk by entering these premises.            O.C.G.A. 51-16-3”