2020 Welcome and Updates


All of us at Bigshot would like to take a moment to thank you for continuing to trust us with your family memories in 2020.  We are preparing for the big day when Santa will be arriving at Phipps so that each of you may continue your traditions!

We are monitoring ongoing safety guidelines related to Covid-19 and will incorporate necessary precautions.  Please refer to our COVID-19  page for more info.

We wanted our customers to be aware that we have had to modify the set for this year to meet social distancing/contactless Santa visits for 2020.  This picture is our new set design which we feel confident will provide a quality experience for all of our customers.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us.

Parents of infants and toddlers should come to visit prepared to be in picture/video given this years contactless visit.

A very important item to note is that due to COVID concerns  we will not be having the WISH LIST tables and WISH LISTS available at the MALL for children to fill out.  Your children will need to fill out their WISH LIST and bring it with them to the Mall.  You may use one of your own choosing or you may download this one:    CLICK HERE FOR WISHLIST 

Please also check out our updated 2020 Product Page which includes pictures and a downloadable pricing list for 2020.  

We look forward to seeing you all soon and wish good health to all…





Appointment Invitations

Invitations have been sent out to all persons who have Pre-Registered for 2020. 

UPDATE (11/25/20) We are now full for 2020 and Pre-Registration is closed.  Please check our website in July of 2021 when Pre-Registration will open again!

Like in past years, this process will be spread out to help alleviate any issues with overloading the scheduling system and causing customer inconvenience.   There are over 6000 appointment slots this year for Santa and we will be sending out about 150 appointment invitations a day via MyEmma our email service.  

When you receive this NON-transferrable email it will contain a customized link to your information that will allow you to click and make an appointment.  We URGE you to make an appointment when you get the email.   The weekends and prime dates do fill up fast and the sooner you are confirmed (an email with a confirmation number) then that is one last thing to worry about for the season.

We will be holding back times/booking slots to have flexibility with regard to Covid-19 re-scheduling – please see our page on more info related to COVID-19.  This makes booking as early as possible even more important!

Please do not email us to ask if we have sent your invitation email out yet.  If you received a confirmation to your Pre-Registration then you are in the system. 

Further notes on Appointment Invitations:

  • Do keep an eye on your junk mail folder just in case
  • One appointment per family – one family per appointment
  • Emails will arrive from santaatphipps@gmail.com – please add to your whitelist if on a corporate or school server (which we do not recommend using)
  • BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT using a computer/laptop NOT a phone – Every year the majority of issues with lost appointments are related to interrupted sessions due to cell phone bookings
  • If you are trying to book two appointments to coincide with another family and it is not working out – go ahead and book as close together as possible and then CONTACT us via email santaatphipps@gmail.com

Invitations have been sent out to all persons who have Pre-Registered.  


2020 Pre-Registration

UPDATE 11/25/20-  Pre-Registration for 2020 is now closed. It will re-open in July of 2021 for the 2021 season!

Click on the Pre-Register Button (When Pre-Registration is open)  to enter your updated contact information. Appointment invitation emails will start going out in mid September.

To receive an Appointment Invitation, it is MANDATORY that your Pre-Register each year.

We will send out emails reminding you of the Pre-Registration process.  However, you do NOT have to wait for a Pre-Registration email reminder.  Once the link appears on this website, you can Pre-Register.  Feel free to forward the Pre-Registration Info to friends once the system opens!

We will be adjusting our appointment process this year to help provide a safe visit while continuing your family tradition in visiting us at Santa at Phipps in 2020.   More information on this will be available as we approach the Fall and beginning of the 2020 Season. 

We are monitoring the safety guidelines related to Covid-19 and will incorporate necessary precautions.  Please refer to our COVID-19 page for more info.

We look forward to seeing you all soon and wish good health to all…

**Note:  We have had reports that customers with Yahoo and AOL email addresses have not been receiving confirmations.  We have reported this to My Emma (our database service), but Yahoo has split from AT&T and there is little they can do.



Please read through these guidelines for important “Do’s and Don’ts” to ensure a successful and trouble-free appointment process. 


For extended families who visit Santa at Phipps together, please book separate appointments per household/family.  Our schedule allows five (5) appointments every 15 minutes so you should be able to book your appointments in the same time slot.  However, if you are unsuccessful in doing that, you can send us an email at:  santaatphipps@gmail.com so we can help with scheduling.  


We use a commercial email system to send reminders and appointment notices out called MyEmma.  School systems and many Company email systems will block these emails as JUNK due to their nature.  PLEASE use a personal gmail, outlook, etc. email address for your main contact email.  


Once you successfully book an appointment online you will receive an email confirmation.  If you do NOT receive an email confirmation, repeat the scheduling process using the same invitation credential or check your credit card for a pending transaction from Big Shot. Our appointment system will only allow ONE APPOINTMENT PER EMAIL ADDRESS!!  


Customers often experience incomplete bookings when using their Smart Phones.  We cannot guarantee an appointment date/time if the appointment is booked with a Smart Phone and strongly suggest checking for the email confirmation mentioned above in all cases.



Santa at Phipps is located in the Court of the South – right across from Tiffany’s. 

You can access from both parking levels located directly below us via elevator or escalators.