Picture and Video Packages
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Keepsakes by Kristy
Snowflake or Ball Ornament  $25.95
Ribbon Plate-8"                           $34.95
Embossed Plate-6.5"                $32.95
Brass Stands                  $4.00
All plates come with Stands.

Shipping $6.95 per address - $1.50 for each additional piece to the same address
DVD / Video Services
Video News!

At Bigshot we offer the most professional video recording services available.  Let us
capture yearly DVD memories of your childs visit with Santa each year your child grows.

We archive every visit with Santa and will be able to create a "collection" of all the years your
child has visited that you had a DVD made.  

We use a professional lapel microphone on Santa that captures both what your
child and Santa has to say during their visit!

We can also transfer your VHS Tape memories to DVD too!  Stop by the Santa Desk and talk
with Steve about the options available!

We will no longer be able to add visits to VHS tape as equipment is no longer made.
White Plate - 6.5" w/gold trim   $30.95
Christmas Cards / Gift Tags
Let us turn your Santa Photo into memorable
Christmas Cards!

Include the whole family in your photo to create a great Holiday Memory.

Quantity                                 Price

20-49                        Cost: $1.65 each
50-99                        Cost: $1.45 each
100-199                    Cost: $1.35 each
200+                          Cost: $1.25 each

Prices includes mailing envelopes

NOTE:  The minimum order is 20 cards
Cards will be shipped to you - shipping cost $5.95
Give Gifts with a Personalized

Include your family Santa Picture on Every Gift you

Quantity                                 Price

8 Gift Cards                        Cost: $7.50

additonal set of 4              Cost: $3.20
Drum Ornament                 $32.95