Santa at Phipps - Appointment Pre-registration List

Welcome to the Santa at Phipps Appointment Pre-Registration page!

We will be using this website page to allow our customers to enter their updated information and interest in an appointment for the Santa at Phipps season.

It is very important to enter this information accurately as it will be used in our online appointment system this year. Please only enter your information once with the email account you check the most as this will be the email address that invitations to schedule an appointment will be sent to you via email.

Please note that entering your information in the waiting list does not guarantee an appointment.

Due to the demand on the servers in past years, we will NOT be opening the system at a specific time/date. All appointment invitations will be sent in a unique link sent via email. Please do not email/contact us requesting this as the system will send this out electronically throughout September and October.

Emails will come from “” so please make sure to clear any spam settings you have to allow emails from this address.